Victim Services

Rape Victim Advocacy

REAL Crisis Intervention Inc. has been providing rape crisis services since 1975. There are various programs offered to help all victims of crime as well as rape and sexual assault victims.

1. Victim Advocates: Victim advocates provide assistance to victims of crime by helping them through medical and judicial process. The advocates are also available for counseling the individual or family/friend of the victim twenty-four hours per day. Services are offered via telephone, walk-in or off-site crisis teams.

2. Rape Prevention/Education: REAL offers education and prevention programs throughout the county to anyone wishing to learn more about rape and sexual assault and how to try to prevent this crime happening to them. REAL has programs that can be geared to middle and high school students as well as college students. There are also programs geared towards the general public. Awareness projects are usually provided during the months of April and June to heighten awareness of sexual assault and rape.

3. SART: The Sexual Assault Response Team is coordinated by REAL. SART is a multi-disciplinary team approach to sexual assault victims. Team members consist of SANE/FNE nurses at the hospital, District Attorney, law enforcement and REAL advocates and the advocates from the Greenville Police Department and Sheriff’s Department. Our SART follows a protocol that is updated on a regular basis. Click here to see the latest Pitt County Sexual Assault Protocol 2009 .

4. Info-Cards: So many people came by for general information on rape/sexual assault that REAL was unable to keep enough in stock due to cost. Therefore, the staff begin generating our own Info-Cards on the various topics that people wanted information on. Please review the list of topics by clicking here or on the books.

5. Sexual Assault Support Group: a group for survivors of sexual assault. There are different groups designed to different needs that will provide better coping mechanisms and strategies to that will lead to a healthier life All group members must be interview prior to entrance into the group. Call REAL for more information. Click here for more information.

Thanks to North Carolina Council for Women/Domestic Violence Commissionfor helping to support the rape crisis program.Thanks to North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety for helping to support the rape crisis program. Another thanks goes out to United Way of Pitt and Beaufort County for supporting our rape crisis program as well.

Serving Pitt, Beaufort, Martin and Washington Counties
Greenville Office: 252-758-HELP (4357)
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